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Anti Vapour Barriers

If a cargo barrier isn’t quite enough due to the nature of your cargo, then perhaps a vapour (or chemical barrier) may be the solution. If you transport chemicals or anything that gives off a toxic or unpleasant odour, then a sealed metal partition vapour barrier may be the solution you require. We can provide a range of vapour barriers including models with a viewing window built in.

Steps And Handrails

We know it can be difficult for people with reduced mobility to climb into some of the higher vans and cars without assistance. Therefore, we offer a wide range of steps both manual and automatic, slide out or fold out, with left- or right-hand side grab handles. All these features are painted in yellow for Hi-Viz safety reasons.

Reverse Cameras And Alerts

Perhaps you’re not that confident with reverse parking or your vehicle has blind spots you could park a battleship in, it’s sometimes difficult to accurately judge distances. Whether in the form of sensors that beep or a camera to help guide you, we can provide whatever option you prefer to keep your rear bumper (or front) straight.

Floor Solutions

If your trade or business is hard on your work van floor, or your hobbies leave your car worse for wear, then we have multiple options that can help. Protect your asset with a wide range of solutions, including moisture resistant MDF or plywood with a variety of coverings. These include carpet or R10 rated vinyl, rubber matting. Either way, we have you covered.
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Interior Linings

It’s not just the floor that can take some punishment. If you have a work van that’s constantly in heavy use, we can provide numerous options from ply-wood paneling to vinyl or carpet trim. Extend the life of your work vehicle (and improve resale value) by avoiding those irritating and unsightly dents and scrapes that can so easily happen in the workplace.
We have a wide variety of vinyl and carpet in different shades to suit your taste and requirements.
Further to this, we can also modify the ply-wood floor with tie down options to help secure your cargo.

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