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Vehicle Interior Lining After It Was Serviced

It’s not just the floor that can take some punishment. If you have a work van that’s constantly in heavy use Brisbane Autocare can provide numerous options from ply-wood panelling to vinyl or carpet trim.

Extend the life of your work vehicle (and improve resale value) by avoiding those irritating and unsightly dents and scrapes that can so easily happen in the workplace.

Refresh the look of your vehicle for your transport clients, or improve the interior durability with new linings and floor surfaces.

We have a wide variety of vinyl and carpet in different shades to suit your taste and requirements.

Further to this, we can also modify the ply-wood floor with tie-down options to help secure your cargo.

To find out more about vehicle interior linings and discuss your needs, contact us via the online form and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively, call us on (07) 3170 3777.

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Brisbane Autocare & DTSQ
in Mansfield, QLD
(07) 3170 3777

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