Get a Certificate of Roadworthiness

Thinking of selling your car, or transferring its registration? It must first be deemed roadworthy by a licensed vehicle tester and issued with a safety certificate, formerly known as a roadworthy certificate. Brisbane Autocare is approved to carry out this procedure in full compliance with state guidelines.

In Queensland, the law requires that a safety certificate be provided when:

Putting a registered vehicle up for sale
Transferring vehicle registration to another person
Transferring to Queensland registration
Re-establishing rego on a vehicle that has been unregistered.
You can learn more about safety certificates here on the Queensland government’s website.

Our technicians can provide vehicle safety inspections and certificates for cars of all makes and models, as well as light commercial vehicles and fleets. Our inspections are thorough and compliant with the regulatory guidelines, ensuring that only safe vehicles are on the road. We also do gas certificates for LPG vehicles. Next time you need a car safety certificate in Brisbane, Brisbane Autocare has you covered for hassle-free inspections with fast turnarounds. To book your inspection, call us now on
(07) 3170 3777, or use our easy online booking form.

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