Mobility Vehicle Conversions in Brisbane

Previously known as Disability Transport Services Queensland (DTSQ), We now modify vehicles under the same banner here at Brisbane Autocare.

Brisbane Autocare aims to provide you with a range of transport solutions individualised to suit your lifestyle.  We understand both individual and business necessities when it comes to transporting yourself, your loved ones, or your clientele. Whether the mobility desire is for your personal vehicle, a taxi, or an organisations fleet, we have the integrity and solutions along with a fully qualified staff required to mobilise your world.

Brisbane Autocare has secured reputable partner and supplier relationships resulting in successful solutions for our customers. Our staff is here to support you in working through the choices available to you and to ensure those choices are made operational for you and your customers. With today’s modern lift applications, the loss of space is greatly reduced giving you more seating capacity with ease of use. You might also be interested to know that an increasing number of different brands and styles of vehicle can now be fitted with a wheelchair lift. We fit all of the different styles of lifters available on the market today including rear and side access wheelchair loaders and also drop-down ramps. Millennium (one-piece ramps), Vista (folding platform for extra vision), Split (bat wing style ramp for extra vision and access) fit to a broad range of vehicles with great success and reliability. Choosing the correct wheelchair loader will depend on the type of vehicle you own while taking into consideration ground clearance and the vehicle access opening size and the size and weight of the wheelchair. We are involved with trusted manufacturers such as Braun, Q’Straint and Dhollandia who we have built quality-based relationships with.

Brisbane Autocare will provide a solution for all your needs. We also provide car repair and maintenance services near Mansfield and Wishart neighborhood

With a national warranty scheme supported by more than 180 Bosch service centres Australia wide, you will have the security and peace of mind that in the event of requiring back up, we will be there to help you no matter where you are. To be sure you are at ease with your purchase we offer after sales operational product training.

Brisbane Autocare is open 6 days a week to give you greater choice and control over your requirements.

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